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I am currently finishing my final semester at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois. I am a producer, anchor, and reporter for TV-10 News. My interests are in news/sports reporting and writing. This semester I will be on air Mondays and Tuesdays at 12pm.
March Madness!!!
March 5, 2014 joefabiano Uncategorized

Before I jump into it I want to recap and give my opinion on certain aspects of the 2013-2014 college basketball season.   This season I thought the level of competition was at a new all-time high.  Now I now I’m starting to lose some of my older audience member.  No there was no Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, or even more recently Carmelo Anthony, but I thought this was reflected through many teams being upset and each having their respective ups and downs.  Heading into the NCAA Tournament, I think we are in store for quiet the “madness”.  The Big 10 I believe ultimately poses the biggest threat to the competition.  I think Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio State, or Michigan State could easily send a high seed home packing.  A big question on my mind right now is how will Wichita State fair in the big dance.  I think they are going to lose early and I have them only reaching the sweet sixteen even before I see the bracket.  So who do I like?  I like the ability for any of those Big 10 teams to make a run but don’t count on team to win it all.  I really like Arizona this year their deep and play great defense.  Another team that catches my eye is North Carolina mostly because they are catching fire at the perfect time.  If there’s one thing I know it’s that this year is bound to bring a vast amount of surprises and I for own can not wait till tip off.

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Latest News!
February 25, 2014 joefabiano Uncategorized

Starting this Thursday, February 27, I will be producing and anchoring the sports segment of the TV-10 noon newscast.  That being said, I will be on Thursdays for the next four weeks.  This will not change my usual schedule of the Monday Sports Zone and Tuesday sports.  Check out my latest stories and segments on  To see stories I have done in the past just type “Joe Fabiano” in the search box on  Currently I am working on a feature story about steroids on college campuses.  Things are starting to fall into place reguarding this story.  More news to come on that soon.  Stay tuned for more opinion pieces on in the future.

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Russia Out!
February 20, 2014 joefabiano Uncategorized

Today the Russian Men’s Hockey team was ousted by Finland in another semi close affair favoring the opposing side.  I could not believe that the team lost today.  I had them picked to make it to the final match playing either the U.S. or Canada.  In all of Russia’s games this year they seemed to be able to put pucks on the net but just can’t seem to score.  When Russia played the U.S. last week, I really thought Russia would win solely based on the fact that they seemed to beat down the U.S.   When Russia went on the power play they seemed to just man-handle the Americans but couldn’t find a way to successfully light the lamp.  I believe that the U.S. deflated the Russians after their shootout win and could not bounce back.  All things aside I think not having the Russians in the tournament anymore is a big letdown.  Alex Ovechkin took a lot of the blame for the tournament preformance but I don’t believe that it all falls on him.  Like I said in an earlier post, goaltending would play key for the Russians and boy did it fail today.  I also felt that the team focused on pushing the puck to the forwards too quickly which then caused the team to get caught behind the opposing attackers.  One thing I liked about the U.S. is that they set the puck up and took their time they did this a lot in their game against Russia and they found it to be successful.  With Russia out of the picture, I believe it all comes down to Friday’s U.S. vs. Canada game.  Bottom line whoever wins this game will take home the gold medal for their country.

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Thoughts on Michael Sam…
February 10, 2014 joefabiano Uncategorized

I woke up today to news that I thought I wouldn’t hear for many years.  Michael Sam star defensive lineman of the University of Missouri made a public annoucement about his sexual orientation.  Sam is the first player in NFL history to announce that he is gay before being drafted by a team.  One thing that people are arguing over is whether or not it will affect his draft stock.  Believed to be a middle third round draft pick its in the air where exactly he will land now.  I started analyzing this further.  Regardless of his sexual orientation, the only thing that should matter is his on field performance.  Another aspect is that he will draw more fans to the games.  I heard a great reference today comparing Michael Sam and Jackie Robinson.  Today marks a monumental day in sports and I am glad that I was able to witness it.

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Olympic Hockey 2014
February 5, 2014 joefabiano Uncategorized

If there’s one thing that I’m looking forward to in the next several weeks it is  Olympic Hockey.  Hockey is by far the most exciting event within the Olympics.    2010 brought us one of the biggest heartbreaks the United States have ever had.  This year I believe the road to the finals will be much more difficult for the Red, White, and Blue.  The problem isn’t the team itself, its the competition.  Canada reloaded the cannon this year and look to explode on offense.  The Czech Republic may quite possibly be the biggest underdog in the field.  I love the combination the Czech will put on the ice of Jaromir Jagr and David Krejci.  And finally the Russians who will play host to the Olympic Games, will they be able to overcome their only weakness a goalie who has no big game experience, Semyon Varlamov.  All I know is that this year’s Olympics will be one to remember when it comes to hockey.  Merica’

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Jackie Carmichael
January 21, 2014 joefabiano Uncategorized

Today former Redbird Basketball star Jackie Carmichael heard great news.  After spending the summer in Bilbao, Spain playing professional basketball, Carmichael will be returning to the U.S. to play for the NBA D-League team the Iowa Energy.  The Iowa Energy serve as an affiliate of the Bulls, Nuggets, Pelicans, Timberwolves, and the Wizards. When I heard the news I knew I had to find room for it in my sportscast.  But it wasn’t until I was on-air that I was asked the question I never really thought of  “Do you think he will make it in the NBA?” I gave an answer somewhere along the lines like “well the NBA is a long difficult road to success, unlike football or baseball you’re competing for a spot on a fifteen man roster.” It wasn’t till after the show that I started to actually think about it.  So here is my opinion.  Carmichael was a standout on a mediocre Missouri Valley Conference basketball team. Granted I will forever be an ISU fan and was really hoping for that Louisville upset but size and athleticism really held him back in the NBA Draft. Carmichael also had to make the transition from a MVC center to an NBA power forward.  Another thing that remains a question is his jump shot, a key weapon for any power forward to have in his repertoire in the NBA.  When it’s all said and done and I have analyzed every aspect.  I think the road is hard and uphill for the young aspiring forward.  But the D-League is where guys can work on their game and possibly make a splash in the NBA.  Will he make it? Unlikely. Can he make it? Of course. But does he deserve a chance? Absolutely!

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Super Bowl Prediction!
joefabiano Uncategorized

This Super Bowl sees two of the early preseason favorites matched up on the biggest stage.  Many have argued since the beginning that these two would find themselves playing for a ring.  I first want to talk about the NFC Championship game between the 49ers and Seahawks.  I truly believed that whoever won this game would win the Super Bowl.  Why? Defense!  Both of these teams have standout players that can turn the game around in an instant.  Case in point being Richard Sherman.  Now take that Seahawks defense and put it up against Payton Manning and the Broncos.  The Seahawk’s D had three games this season where the opposing offense didn’t have a touchdown (and one shutout @NYG).  On paper the Hawks have the number 1 pass defense and the Broncos the number 1 pass offense. I’ll be honest, Payton Manning could quiet possibly have the best season performance by any player at any position.  It’s hard not to agree with me when the teams lowest score posted was a 27-20 defeat at home against San Diego.  20 points! As a low! Manning and company also had two games where they racked up 51 points.  So who wins? I think the Seahawks have the momentum heading into the game, but let’s be serious it’s the Super Bowl.  Both teams are going to come in ready to win.  My prediction: Seahawks 27 – Broncos 24.  But hey it’s hard to pick a winner in this one.  I believe this is the best Super Bowl matchup in recent years.  Anything can happen on any given Sunday…

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What’s New?
December 12, 2013 joefabiano Uncategorized

This week starts the beginning of my final semester at Illinois State University.   I will be one of the hosts on our weekly sports show the SportZone on Mondays at 12:30pm.  I also will be producing the sports segment Tuesdays at noon.  I am very excited to get back to work and finish my college career strong.  You can watch me after the shows have aired online at

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August 2010 - Present
Illinois State University
Normal, Illinois 61791

Bachelor of Communication Broadcast Journalism Sequence May 2014 Minor in Italian

August 2006 - June 2010
Lyons Township High School
LaGrange, Illinois

August 2012 - Present
Illinois State University TV-10 News
Normal, Illinois

- Currently anchors and produces two newscasts a week reporting both news and sports - Reports on daily news stories by writing and producing in a professional atmosphere - Operates and assists in producing the newscasts from various angles - Proficient in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Audition, Cool Edit Pro, Adobe Premiere, and EZ News - Will graduate with 7 hours of internship credit

May - September 2013
Normal CornBelters Baseball Internship
Normal, Illinois

- Created local commercials and videos to be played on the video board during home games - During games managed the video board following the game script - Interviewed coaches and players to then be used for in game promotions and time filler - Various camera work experience - Received 3 hours of internship credit

September 2010 - May 2012
WZND Radio - Illinois State University Radio 103.3
Normal, Illinois

- Twice a week writing a news update then reading the update on the air - Attended Town of Normal and City of Bloomington Council meetings and produced sound clips to be later used for news updates - Attended sporting events to commentate the game - Interviewed the players and coaches on the sport at hand

June 2010
IHSA (Illinois High School Association) Online TV
Naperville, Illinois

- Gave play-by-play coverage of the Women's High School soccer IHSA Tournament

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